Evita (Dubai, UAE, 2016)

I’m always been fascinated with Armenian culture and the rich history it can offer; from Noah’s time up to the horrendous genocide era.
I’ve booked a one day tour with Arpi and Vrezh to Tatev, this included riding the longest cable car in the world(5.7 kilometers), visiting Tatev Monastery, walking across the newly opened 150-meter long rolling bridge to view the cave city.
The view is spectacular on the way to Tatev, the mountain peaks covered in shimmering white snow. The combination of luscious green, chocolate brown and crisp white snow is breathtaking, to top it off was an amazing guide and friend, Vrezh, who made this trip an unforgettable experience. His driving skill is commendable as he knows the winding roads inside out. We were on the road for almost ten hours but felt safe and secure the whole time.
And yes, how can I forget, the local vegetarian cuisine which Vrezh had arranged as I don’t eat meat. Freshly picked vegetables whilst marveling God’s wonderful creation is picturesque which I’ll fondly remember.
The best part of my trip in Armenia is being able to spend time with the elderly at a home for the aged centre. We bought 10 kilos of cookies which they enjoyed immensely. The happiness and tears on their faces whilst appreciating the small gesture melted my heart. Arpi and Vrezh went out of their way to grant my wish and make this happen.
My one day trip arrangement has been extended to a two-day trip due to the kindness and thoughtfulness of Vrezh and Arpi.
I highly recommend booking your Armenian trip with Arpi and Vrezh. It was a blessing to know them both.
Thank you for making this holiday an unforgettable one.


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