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Location: ARMENIA Duration: 1 Days

Perfect walking tour featuring history, culture, scenery and walking.
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Private hiking tour through Armenian Highland with English-speaking tour guide. This tour is design for active traveler who takes pleasure in exploring both the culture and environment. We will explore lively cities, walking through spectacular mountain scenery and sample local drinking (wine, beer…). Along with wonderful classics visiting unheard-of regions, far away from the mass tourism, and in line with current trends, we also offer adventurous tour and cycle tour suitable for the fit and adventurous.

Walking Explorer

Day 1

The morning begins with a visit of St. Gregory the Illuminator Cathedral, Tsitsernakaberd (1915 Genocide Memorial), continue to the Cascade is a huge white stairwell built into a Yerevan hillside in the 1970s, with water fountains running down. Our next stops are Opera house, Northern Avenue and walk down via Abovyan Street to Republic Square.

A traditional Armenian welcome dinner.

Overnight: Hotel in Yerevan
Meals: B,D


Day 2

After early breakfast long drive take us to the two important and picturesque monasteries of Armenia, Noravank Monastery (masterpiece of the 13th Century architect Momik) dramatically located in the canyon and Khor Virap one of the holiest sites in Armenia. En route to Noravank Monastery we will visit Areni village famous with its wine. Wine taste in Areni winery.

Overnight: Hotel or guesthouse in Yeghegnadzor
Meals: B


Day 3

We continue our exploration of Southern Armenia. Transfer to village of Vernashen passing the village Gladzor, a major center of science and calligraphy in medieval Armenia. Start hiking to Spitakavor Monastery (trail length 14 km). Walking through the village, we have an opportunity to meet and chat with locals and gain a true insight into their traditional ways of life. Continue further to the South, on endlessly winding roads leaping through gorges over the mountains of Syunik..

Overnight: Hotel or guesthouse in Goris


Day 4

After laisurely breakfast our day begins with the visit to the impressive Khndoresk (Cave Town) with cave apartments, where people lived till 1960s. And also we will discover Khndzoresk’s new-opened 160m long rolling bridge. The bridge connects two sides of old Khndzoresk, where you can see the 2 churches located in this gorge. Our next exploration for this day is magnificent Tatev Monastery perched on the edge of the Vorotan Canyon. Here you have a chance to fly above Vorotan Canyon with Wings of Tatev (the longest cable tram in the world /5750m/). Transfer to Hermon village for overnight.

Overnight: Hotel in Hermon (with indore swimming pool)
Meals: B


Day 5

We are ready to continue our walking adventure in Southern Armenia. We reach the fertile valley of Yeghegis river where we hike to Smbataberd fortress a well-preserved medieval citadel built by King Smbat (12 km round trip). The setting of Smbataberd is perhaps the most beautiful in Armenia, with Arpi river valley at your feet. Continue to Lake Sevan, one of the highest freshwater lakes in the world. The tranquil majesty of its ever-changing waters, stunning mountains silhouetted against the blue sky, all this inspired its name The Pearl of Armenia. We travel via the rugged Selim Pass and enjoy the views of Lake Sevan below, en route stop at amazingly intact Selim Caravanserai, an important trading post on the Great Silk Road where little has changed since the fourteenth century. En route we stop at romantic Sevanavank Monastery on the peninsula of Lake Sevan and Noratuz old cemetery to see the ‘forest’ of khachkars.This day is designed as a rest day to enjoy water activities at the Lake and prepare for the hikes of the coming days.

Overnight: Overnight: Hotel in Sevan
Meals: B,D


Day 6

Morning starts with the visit to “Old Dilijan” complex experience the town as it was in the 19th century. Drive to Crystal Lake to start hiking in Dilijan National Park along stunning forest trails (8 km), cross the wildly beautiful Areguni pass and reach Goshavank Monastery where the great scholar of the 13th century Mkhitar Gosh is buried. Lookout for morning birds that are particularly active at this time, explore the enchanting nature of the park as we take a gentle walk on well-defined forest trails. For those with more energy to burn we offer a short but absolutely fantastic walk to a small lake above Goshavank. End the day with a drive to Ijevan, a small town that captures the spirit of rural Armenia and check in at our hotel.

Overnight: Hotel or guesthouse in Ijevan
Meals: B,D


Day 7

Off to Ijevan we take a short transfer to the trail-head. We will spend the day hiking (10 km round trip) in this beautiful wilderness area, no roads, no shops, no TVs, just incredible views and marvelous solitude. A wonderful forested route into the most unspoilt and rugged area of north-eastern Armenia as we head into a deep gorge before descending to cascading waterfalls and the most scenic meadows in Armenia. Follow the hiking trail to reach hidden caves of Lastiver, Armenia’s best-kept secret. All the time we have open views of the beautiful green plateau of Lastiver. A fitting finale for the day full of impressions is a well-deserved dinner at Haghpat village farmhouse where villagers adhere to their traditional ways of life.

Overnight: Hotel in Haghpat
Meals: B,D


Day 8

Morning takes to the town of Alaverdi. The afternoon is spent exploring beautiful Sanahin and Haghpat monasteries (hiking from Sanahit to Haghpat). After hike transfer to famous road bakery to a feast of baked delights. Back o Yerevan via Armenian Alphabet monument.

Overnight: Overnight: Hotel Yerevan


Day 9

Mt. Aragats, the highest peak of the Lesser Caucasus is a popular target for mountaineers. The mountain has sub-alpine and alpine zones, four peaks and one of the biggest craters in the world, created by a volcano eruption in the distant past. The people you are most likely to encounter while at Aragats are Yezidi nomads living a nomadic life in tents, isolated from the rest of the society and preserving their way of life, traditional norms of behavior and unique religion. Their main occupation is sheep breeding and producing the most ecologically pure milk on the planet, from which Yezidi make cheese, butter, matsun and yogurt. Hiking at Aragats is especially spectacular in spring when the entire mountain is literally covered with poppies and other mountain flowers. The easiest peak of Aragats is the southern peak. Starting from Kari Lich (Stone Lake), we will take a 3 hour hike to the summit on a steady slope (3,879m). Back to Yerevan via Amberd fortress in the clouds.

Overnight: Overnight: Hotel in Yerevan


Day 10

After leisurely breakfast we drive to the village of Garni. We will walk around the Garni Pagan temple from the 1st Century, In the morning we drive to the North -East of Armenia to Garni village where we start hiking to the gorge of Azat river with the ancient rock bridge and the natural volcanic rock formations “symphony of stones” and we finish our hiking in Garni Temple. After walking in area of temple a short drive will transfer us to majestic Geghard Monastery “the Monastery of the Spear” where on the hillsides you can still see caves that housed monastic cells.

Overnight: Hotel in Yerevan
Meals: B



IMPORTANT: The above itinerary should be taken only as a general guide. While we will make every effort to adhere to it a variety of factors, including adverse weather conditions, political instability, or difficulties with transportation, can lead to enforced changes. When travelling to remote locations such as this, a flexible approach from all team members is necessary. If during your holiday the itinerary is effected by immediate or local circumstances, the leader will make any changes that are necessary.
There will be an experienced local professional English-speaking guide and one or more support vehicle drivers.
Trip participants need to bring their own personal clothing and equipment. Some items of equipment are available for hire from our local partners; please request information at the time of booking. We strongly recommend that you purchase your own personal equipment.

If you have any specific questions you would like answered please Contact Us and we will be pleased to help.

RESPONSIBLE TRAVEL: Tourism can be a real help to local communities, providing income, positive cultural exchanges and a financial incentive to protect their natural environment.
This tour makes every effort to support the local economy by staying in family-run hotels that source locally produced food. It is important to generate income for the local economies, which are predominantly agricultural. We visit small local cooperatives where possible that incentivize more agricultural production. Staying in guesthouses allows us to walk away from the tourist route and sample some real Armenian hospitality as well as providing an income for smaller communities.

What’s Included

* English-speaking Tour Leader
* Airport – Hotel – Airport transfers
* All land transport throughout the trip
* All activities as per itinerary with all entry fees
* Hotel accommodation for 10 nights (hotels, guesthouses)
* Breakfasts for 10 days
* Welcome dinner

What’s Not Included

* Travel insurance
* Armenia Visa
* Soft and alcoholic drinks with the main meals unless otherwise specified, souvenirs etc.


2*-3* hotels and guesthouses
Additional Pricing Information

The deposit for this trip is: 100 USD

Please note:

If you have special dietary requirements (e.g. Vegetarian), let us know so we can notify restaurants.

  1. DAY 1 Yerevan tour

    • Yerevan a new and old city

    • Beautiful houses and buildings

    • Delicious Armenian food

  2. DAY 2 Hiking,walking

    • Biblical Mt. Ararat

    • Wine tasting in Areni winery

    • Spectacular gorges

  3. DAY 3 Hiking,walking

    • Hiking to Spitakavor Monastery

    • Meet and chat with locals

    • Crowning rocky peaks

  4. DAY 4 Hiking,walking

    • Khndzoresk cave town

    • Visit majestic Tatev Monastery

    • Breathtaking landscape

  5. DAY 5 Hiking,walking

    • Smbataberd, valley at your feet

    • Feeling of freedom

    • Panoramic view of lake Sevan

  6. DAY 6 Hiking,walking

    • Dilijan little Switzerland

    • Historic Shahamberyan Street

    • Walk in the National park

  7. DAY 7 Hiking,walking

    • Beautiful wilderness area

    • Hidden caves of Lastiver

    • Well-deserved dinner

  8. DAY 8 Hiking,walking

    • Little-known mountains

    • Sweeping views from the peaks

    • Spectacular gorges

  9. DAY 9 Hiking,walking

    • Mount Aragats

    • Volcanic beauty of Armenia

    • Spectacular veiw

  10. DAY 10 Hiking,walking

    • Garni Pagan temple

    • Gorge of Azat river

    • Monastery of the Spear

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