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Location: ARMENIA Duration: 10 Days

Explore some off the beaten tracks in countryside of Armenia by bike.
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Cycling is a great way to see much more of the ‘real’ Armenia as you pedal off the beaten track and there is something for every interest and ability. For bikers Armenia is an ideal country surrounded by mountains and national parks with off-road adventure trails. Whether you are an advanced rider or just a beginner Armenia is a fascinating country to explore by bicycle. MT biking adventure in Armenian Highland give you a chance to discover an impressive history, rich culture and superb food not to mention great hospitality.


Day 1

We start our biking day with transfer to the one of the high altitude villages of Armenia where we start our biking. We pedal the route guided with the highest mountain of Armenia (Armenian crown). The end of biking day is in Gyumri the second city of Armenia.

Accommodation: Hotel

Meals: B,L,D

Biking Altitude range

Total climb 208 metre

Total descent 724 metre

Cycling Distance: 52 km/ 32 miles

Day 2

Today we start from the point we finished riding the previous day. The scenery is spectacular and the valley as magnificent mountains raise high above us. The end of the day is Stepanavan the small town in Lori region.

Accommodation: Hotel

Meals: B,L

Biking Altitude range

Total climb 884 metre

Total descent 1335 metre

Cycling Distance: 78 km/ 48 miles

Day 3

Today we start from the point we finished riding the previous day. Along the way we pass the Hnevank monastery. Our cycling adventure will be continuing to the picturesque gorge of Lori region where you have opportunity to get the nicest shot of your trip. Lunch in the local house with the family. The end of the day is Haghpat village where you’ll have nice evening walk to Haghpat monastery.

Accommodation: Hotel

Meals: B,L

Biking Altitude range

Total climb 555 metre

Total descent 836 metre

Cycling Distance: 41 km/ 25 miles

Day 4

We start our day with transfer to the North of Armenia where we start our biking through woodlands, little gorges and forests. Heavily wooded and populated by many species this is a beautiful area and we’ll enjoy stunning views.The end of the day its downhill all the way to the town.

Accommodation: Hotel or B&B

Meals: B,L

Biking Altitude range

Total climb 704 metre

Total descent 617 metre

Cycling Distance: 21 km/ 13 miles

Day 5

This morning we start with a transfer to our start point. We cycle through the tranquil forest and several pretty villages to our overnight stop.

Accommodation: Hotel or B&B

Meals: B,L

Biking Altitude range

Total climb 1191 metre

Total descent 1761 metre

Cycling Distance: 50 km/ 31 miles

Day 6

Today’s ride is providing an excellent opportunity to enjoy the great mountain views. We then begin a long climb up to the Areguni mountain range. This section of the route is one of the most spectacular, and opens up vistas that are very different to the landscapes that we have experienced so far during the week. From this point it is a fabulous downhill ride all the way to the pearl of Armenia Lake Sevan. Swimming possibility.

Accommodation: Hotel

Meals: B,L

Biking Altitude range

Total climb 1508 metre

Total descent 856 metre

Cycling Distance: 33 km/ 21 miles

Day 7

This day is designed as a rest day. After leisurely breakfast we leave our hotel. Continue to romantic Sevanavank Monastery on the peninsula of Lake Sevan and Noratuz old cemetery to see the ‘forest’ of khachkars. Our last destination today is Martuni town.

Accommodation: Hotel

Meals: B,L

Day 8

Today we start from the point we finished riding the previous day. Through the highest pass in Armenia (2400m) short stop at Caravansaray from 13th century (part of Armenian silk road) and along the descent to our base in the one of the villages in Vayots Dzor region where you’ll enjoy indoor swimming pool.

Accommodation: Hotel

Meals: B,L

Biking Altitude range

Total climb 1157 metre

Total descent 1391 metre

Cycling Distance: 67 km/ 42 miles

Day 9

Once equipped and fitted with our bikes we start cycling from our base to the spectacular gorge surrounded by the river and mountain range. We then begin a climb up to the pass of Karmrashen. This section of the route is one of the most spectacular, and opens up vistas that are very different to the landscapes. From this point it is a fabulous downhill ride all the way to the Herher reservoir. We then take a superb trail and pass a traditional village en route to Vayk.

Accommodation: Hotel

Meals: B,L

Biking Altitude range

Total climb 865 metre

Total descent 1320 metre

Cycling Distance: 43 km/ 27 miles

Day 10

The ultimate off road trail and a fitting finale to this biking adventure! From the hotel short transfer takes us from heavy traffic road to our start point. The trail is rough and rocky in places as it contours and gradually descends, offering amazing views over the mountains. Picnic lunch in Mozrov village and then rocky descent to the main road where we load the bikes onto the support vehicles for the last drive into Yerevan via spectacular Noravank monastery and relaxing wine taste in Areni village.

Accommodation: Hotel

Meals: B,L

Biking Altitude range

Total climb 890 metre

Total descent 1034 metre

Cycling Distance: 30 km/ 19 miles

If the above itinerary doesn’t meet your requirements please do not hesitate to contact us to customize the right trip for you.

IMPORTANT: The above itinerary should be taken only as a general guide. While we will make every effort to adhere to it a variety of factors, including adverse weather conditions, political instability, or difficulties with transportation, can lead to enforced changes. When travelling to remote locations such as this, a flexible approach from all team members is necessary. If during your holiday the itinerary is effected by immediate or local circumstances, the leader will make any changes that are necessary.
There will be an experienced local professional English-speaking guide and one or more support vehicle drivers.
Trip participants need to bring their own personal clothing and equipment. Some items of equipment are available for hire from our local partners; please request information at the time of booking. We strongly recommend that you purchase your own personal equipment.

If you have any specific questions you would like answered please Contact Us and we will be pleased to help.

RESPONSIBLE TRAVEL: Tourism can be a real help to local communities, providing income, positive cultural exchanges and a financial incentive to protect their natural environment.
This tour makes every effort to support the local economy by staying in family-run hotels that source locally produced food. It is important to generate income for the local economies, which are predominantly agricultural. We visit small local cooperatives where possible that incentivize more agricultural production. Staying in guesthouses allows us to walk away from the tourist route and sample some real Armenian hospitality as well as providing an income for smaller communities.

What’s Included

  • English-speaking Tour Leader
  • Airport – Hotel – Airport transfers
  • All land transport throughout the trip
  • Transfers by car as required
  • A support vehicle and driver
  • All activities as per itinerary with all entry fees
  • Hotel accommodation for 10 nights (hotels, guesthouses)
  • Breakfasts for 10 days
  • Water during the rides
  • Welcome dinner

What’s Not Included

  • Travel insurance
  • Armenia Visa
  • Bike Hire from Armenia: From $190 or bring your own
  • Cycling helmet (bring your own)
  • Soft and alcoholic drinks with the main meals unless otherwise specified, souvenirs etc.

Additional Pricing Information

The deposit for this trip is:  200 USD

Essential Information

Our cycling holiday starts from Yerevan. Please bear in mind that if you arrive before start date you may have to wait for your room to be made available. If you decide to arrive before start date AdventureArmenia can assist you in booking extra accommodation and will organize a transfer to your hotel for a charge of 20 USD. If you decide to stay in Armenia beyond the last day of the tour we can help you organize extra accommodation and transfers to the airport if needed. Due to high demand for rooms there is a possibility you may be in a different hotel to the start / end hotel of your trip.

There will be rest stops every 15-30 km depending on the terrain; you will have access to your luggage, and the opportunity to have drinks/snacks.
Average daily distance: 46km
No. of days cycling: 9
Vehicle support: 100%

Equipment and bike stuff

Most types of bicycle are suitable for the Armenian tour. Our leaders carry a good tool kit and will help to fix any bike problems. However, we cannot guarantee to be equipped for all repairs, so you must ensure that your bike is in good working order before the tour. If you are not the most mechanically minded we suggest that you get your bike looked at by a professional bike mechanic. In particular, we would suggest looking and adjusting all wheel spokes, greasing all your bearings, checking your brakes/gears cable, tighten all nuts and bolts, check chain, quick release clamps, tires and put in new inner tubes and check wheel rims are not worn. In addition to making sure the bike is well serviced you should ride with as much care and attention as possible.

We would also advise you to bring the following tools: multi-tool, tire levers, pump, 2 spare inner tube, spare spokes of the correct length to fit your wheels – check with a bike shop, brake pads, a few spare links for your chain, if applicable, spares for any unique or high-tech items on your bike, e.g. fluid and bleed kit for hydraulic brakes.

Bike Hires

Spare parts (tubes, tire, chains etc.) are included in the price of the bike rental and will be carried in the support vehicle with a tool kit and track pump. The bikes are equipped with flat pedals. Those who prefer to use spd or clip-in pedals, are welcome to bring these with you, along with your own cycling shoes and cleats. You are also welcome to bring your own saddle. The guide will carry some spares and tools for fixing punctures etc. but we suggest bringing a couple of spare inner tubes, a pump and a puncture repair kit. If you are able to do a simple repair yourself this will avoid the need to wait for assistance should the team or support vehicle be any distance away. Helmets are not included in the bike hire; you will need to bring your own helmet.

First aid

On all our tours the guides carry a medical kit. However you are recommend to bring your own first aid supplies which should include: a broad spectrum anti-biotic, antiseptic cream, throat lozenges, a cold medication, diarrhea treatment, pain killers, plasters, insect repellent and re-hydration salts.

Additional Information

All accommodation will be in hotels or guest-houses. We choose accommodation on the basis of comfort rather than luxury. Our prices are based on sharing a twin room; single rooms are available at extra cost.
Most of the food is provided on the tour, we provide most meals along with snacks and mineral water during cycling days. All transportation and local guides within Armenia are included. International flights are not included in the tour costs.
Spending money depends on your taste for souvenirs, drinks etc. We estimate that 240 USD will be more than enough to cover the 10 day tour. You can expect to pay around 8 USD – 15 USD for a meal in a restaurant.

Tipping is an accepted part of everyday life, and although it is always at your discretion, you will be expected to tip to reward service. $25 for the guide and team at the end of the tour is recommended.

Please note

If you have special dietary requirements (e.g. Vegetarian), let your Tour Manager know so they can notify restaurants.

Daily distance of 10 days biking tour in km/miles:

Number of days cycling: 9

Grade: Moderate:

Day 1

 52km / 32miles 

Day 2

 78km / 48miles 

Day 3

 41km / 25miles 

Day 4

 21km / 13miles 

Day 5

 50km / 31miles 

Day 6

 33km / 21miles 

Day 7

 No biking 

Day 8

 67km / 42miles 

Day 9

 43km / 27miles 

Day 10

 30km / 19miles 

  1. DAY 1 mountainbiking

    • Cycling through beautiful countryside

    • Guided with the highest mountain of Armenia

    • Gyumri the second city of Armenia

  2. DAY 2 mountainbiking

    •Spectacular scenery

    • Magnificent mountains raise high above us

    • Stepanavan the small town in Lori region

  3. DAY 3 mountainbiking

    • Pedaling through picturesque gorge of Lori region

    • Passing simple Armenian villages

    • Wine making town

  4. DAY 4 mountainbiking

    • Biking through woodlands

    • Little gorges and forests

    • Picturesque Dilijan - Armenian Switzerland

  5. DAY 5 mountainbiking

    • Magnificent gorge surrounded by the river

    • Great view over the blue waters of the high altitude lake Sevan (1900m)

    • Great mountain range

  6. DAY 6 mountainbiking

    • Ride to highest pass in Armenia (2400m)

    • Caravansaray part of Armenian Silk Road

    • Nice hotel with swimming pool

  7. DAY 7 mountainbiking

    • Another mountain route and beautiful reservoir

    • Enjoy unique Armenian cuisine

    • Nice and friendly guesthouse

  8. DAY 8 mountainbiking

    • Riding through famous wine making region

    • Vineyards with grapes Areni (kind of Armenian grapes)

    • Wine tasting in local winery

  9. DAY 9 mountainbiking

    • Spectacular view of biblical Mount Ararat

    • Back to Yerevan

    • Departure

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