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AdventureArmenia is a tour operator who offers small-group private holidays in Armenia and Georgia. Travelling on a small group holiday is more flexible and allows us to be less conspicuous: we travel and eat with the local people, stay in smaller, family-run hotels and visit places inaccessible to larger groups. In a small group, it’s much easier to get off the beaten track, meet the people and experience authentic local life. Not only does this minimize our impact on the environment, it also makes for a better, more inspiring experience for you. On every tour, there’s a balance between group activities and personal time for you to explore independently or relax as you like. Solo travelers, couples and friends travelling together – all are welcome and the mix is what makes the groups work so well.

  • Travelling to Armenia with kids was a bit hard to plan until i found about Adventure Armenia !
    Arpi planned it all for us and was extremely responsive to all our requests. it made a whole difference, we had an amazing time and quite an adventure it was! Vrezh was all we needed to make this trip unforgettable, he was flexible, always ahead of time, quickly understood what we liked and had a perfect english which is not given in Armenia. We spent full two days with Vrezh. He made us discover the extreme park, 6 Ziplines with amazing scenery and very professional people. I was impressed by the security and the top notch equipments; after visiting plenty of churches and monasteries, he made it fun by stopping for lunch in a private zoo where kids were able to have some fun. He even helped us plan our evenings by giving us great recommendations (we discovered dip’ n dip thanks to him).
    Full of energy, upon every visit he would make it more challenging for kids by including a small hike, a cave visit or a stop at a river. Finally he was so friendly that we were priviledged to taste the delicious grapes of his vineyard.

    -- Michele (Libanon, 2016)
  • I am a person who likes to find interesting places and unforgettable attractions in different countries. I have not heard of anything about Armenia until I was given the chance to explore the country.
    It was an excellent choice that I have chosen to discover the country via Adventure Armenia. I was given suggestions on my 3-day holiday during the time when I was no clue of where to go.
    The tour guides from Adventure Armenia, knows their country very well, and they are proud to tell the stories behind every place that they took me to. I was fascinated by the Churches, the structures surrounding the churches, and the amazing views. There was always a beautiful perspective for every mile! I may have not completed the list of the Churches I should have seen, however, my 3 days stay in this mountainous country had been very rewarding because of the old structures, the view, food, and most of all, because of the effort and time given by the guides of Adventure Armenia.
    If ever I will be given a chance to come back, I would still contact Adventure Armenia to take me to the places their country that I have not been gone to.

    -- Dandee (Philippines, 2016)
  • “2 day biking and hiking tour. Lake Sevan”
    We were looking for a bit of adventure and nature and we had what we got exactly what we requested. A fair priced custom tour that had great biking, a beautiful hike, and fun zipline.

    -- Matthew (Jordan, 2016)
  • I’m always been fascinated with Armenian culture and the rich history it can offer; from Noah’s time up to the horrendous genocide era.
    I’ve booked a one day tour with Arpi and Vrezh to Tatev, this included riding the longest cable car in the world(5.7 kilometers), visiting Tatev Monastery, walking across the newly opened 150-meter long rolling bridge to view the cave city.
    The view is spectacular on the way to Tatev, the mountain peaks covered in shimmering white snow. The combination of luscious green, chocolate brown and crisp white snow is breathtaking, to top it off was an amazing guide and friend, Vrezh, who made this trip an unforgettable experience. His driving skill is commendable as he knows the winding roads inside out. We were on the road for almost ten hours but felt safe and secure the whole time.
    And yes, how can I forget, the local vegetarian cuisine which Vrezh had arranged as I don’t eat meat. Freshly picked vegetables whilst marveling God’s wonderful creation is picturesque which I’ll fondly remember.
    The best part of my trip in Armenia is being able to spend time with the elderly at a home for the aged centre. We bought 10 kilos of cookies which they enjoyed immensely. The happiness and tears on their faces whilst appreciating the small gesture melted my heart. Arpi and Vrezh went out of their way to grant my wish and make this happen.
    My one day trip arrangement has been extended to a two-day trip due to the kindness and thoughtfulness of Vrezh and Arpi.
    I highly recommend booking your Armenian trip with Arpi and Vrezh. It was a blessing to know them both.
    Thank you for making this holiday an unforgettable one.

    -- Evita (Dubai, UAE, 2016)
  • It was a good thing I chose AdventureArmenia for my trip. Arpi is very flexible, well-organized & accommodating to provide me the customized program which I wanted to take with my tour to Armenia.

    Me & my friends visited 6 places out of the city proper in Yerevan for just one day considering the weather condition (lots of snows in the road) which I guess no other tour operators can offer. A very cost effective way of enjoying a short trip. The tour went perfect; exactly as planned. Vrezh arrived earlier than the agreed time we had in the morning. He is very professional, fluent in English, friendly and carries a lot of good information about his country & in all the sites we visited. He perfectly calculates the time for each of our site visits and we are back to the city before sunset. He showed us a very good local restaurant where we had our dinner. A big thanks to Vrezh & Arpi for making our Armenian trip a very memorable one. We had so much fun indeed. I would definitely recommend them if I have friends wanting to visit Armenia & Georgia.

    -- Louella Salino (Dubai, UAE, 2016)
  • “We made the right decision to spend our holidays with our friends in Armenia this year. From the very beginning our guide Vrezh was a perfect ambassador for his country. Not only that he showed us a lot of the wonderful touristic and cultural spots, he invited us to step deep into Armenian history and explained a lot about Armenian way of life to us. Besides this, he was caring that everything went well and we felt very welcome. Arpi, thank you so much for all the organization work you have done. We know, that a perfect trip needs a lot of detailed and precise work in the background, which was well done. The combination of hiking to the beautiful monasteries, peaks or waterfalls, with travelling every day to another part of Armenia, gave us an extensive impression about the country. The 10 days were extremely interesting and we still think and talk a lot about our travel, which shows that it was a deep and wonderful experience. Thank you Arpi and Vrezh.”

    -- Jutta and Walter (Germany 2015)
  • Thanks to Arpi for her efficient and first class organisation – she came up with helpful solutions to all the complications I created while we were planning. And thanks to Vrezh for being an excellent guide – always smiling, professional and charming. He was could tell us all about the wonderful places we saw from ancient monasteries to the modern streets of Yerevan. But what is more, he put the history – especially the recent history – into context, so we ended up understanding and caring, rather than just having the information. The hotels and B&Bs AdventureArmenia booked for us were really nice and Vrezh seemed to always know where to get the best meals. From just 10 days we have so many brilliant memories: from hiking to the south summit of Aragats to swimming in Sevan lake; from fine dining in Yerevan to what my brother swears is the best pork he’s ever tasted, on the road to Ijevan; from the longest non-stop cable car in the world in Tatev to gazing at the intricate painted manuscripts in the Matenadaran.

    -- Lesley (Spain 2015)
  • Before the trip, they responded to my emails promptly. They consistently had my interests at heart. My guide helped make my visit to Armenia and Georgia memorable. Not only is he a skillful driver, but he also knows the history of the places I saw, greatly enhancing my experience. I appreciated his flexibility if I wanted to change plans. He also gave me great culinary advice, ensuring that I enjoy local dishes. He is able to combine professionalism with wit, good humor and charm. I recommend highly.

    -- William Wallace(Canada 2014)
  • This was a well-planned tour, with stops that broke up the long drive to our hotel in Goris. We had plenty of time at each of the stops. Our guide provided us with good information about the sights and helped us to understand current conditions in Armenia. The accommodations for our overnight in Goris were very comfortable, and we had a good night’s rest. We enjoyed the trip to Tatev monastery over the aerial tram with great views. The final stop at Noravank was a perfect ending. Recommend highly.

    -- Susan Krug- Gourley(USA 2014)
  • The trip was amazing.The tour was very well planned, I was able to experience a great deal of Armenia’s history, culture, religion by walking and driving through beautiful landscape! The best way to discover the wonders of Armenia is to get into a tour, specially by local Armenian who will take the extra step to show you things beyond an ordinary tour. My tour guide was young, very energetic, communicative and most important of all had extensive knowledge that made it all worth saying I truly recommend it

    -- Roberto Martini (Brazil 2013)
  • My Tour with Vrezh was absolutely excellent. Vrezh knows fluent English and managed to create my tour exactly for my wishes. Vrezh knows very well the routes and trails in all Armenia along with the best places to eat and great accommodation. Vrezh brings the trip a young atmosphere and very convenient transportation .Because of him ,the introduction of Armenia was in the most authentic way. The trip with Vrezh was an event I will never forget in my life. Thank you Vrezh and thank you- Adventure Armenia.

    -- Noam Livni (Israel 2014)
  • The “Best of Armenia” tour was certainly a memorable experience. Vrezh local knowledge and humble personality were truly appreciated. He was very flexible and willing to share what Armenia had to offer. This included a day trip in a Russian jeep to visit a farm village which was truly amazing!! He was also able to coordinate a later visit to Georgia!! Thanks to Vrezh for his superb service and hospitality…!!

    -- Ryan Adorno (Puerto Rico 2012)
  • This was a private customised tour taking us to various destinations in Armenia and Georgia. Our guide was very personable and great company throughout our 10 day tour. He knows Armenia inside out by car, bike and trekking. He gave us many great insights into the history, culture and society of Armenia. We also went to Georgia including a mind-blowing hiking trip up the slopes of mount Kazbeg (up to about 3000m). All accommodations booked by AdventureArmenia were great.

    -- Werner Leber (Austria 2014)
  • Cycling Armenia
    Well this was a really good tour made even better by Vresh, our guide. He was exceedingly helpful in everyday situations but was excellent in taking one of the group (whose rear tandem wheel had broken) to Yerevan to have it rebuilt at the Velodrome. He was also great at chatting with everyone and answering endless querstions. Hakob, our driver was full of help organising the search for the best vodka and setting up a great barbecue in Ijevan plus acting like a sheepdog making sure everyone was present before driving off. You have real assets in your team. So thanks again for organising everything and look forward to next year.

    -- Pete,(UK 2009)