10 days trekking holiday in Armenia.
Activities Walking & Trekking
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Location: ARMENIA Duration: 10 Days

Spectacular trekking in Armenia’s mountain landscape
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This holiday provides the opportunity to discover the amazingly rich cultural and natural heritage of Armenia’s mountains as we walk through a variety of landscapes providing us with ample hiking opportunities. Explore the trails, mountains and discover the rich history and culture of fascinating Armenia in the shadow of Mount Ararat and beyond the Silk Road. Cross the Geghama Mountains on a 3-day trek that sees us hiking through flower-spangled meadows to the volcanic crater lakes on the summit of Mount Azhdahak (3597m). Then, transferring to a high camp on Mount Aragats, the high point of the country. Discover the ancient history and culture of Armenia and enjoy great food and quality hotels, too.

3 Days mix tour

Day 1


Overnight: Hotel in Yerevan
Meals: none

Day 2

City tour starts at 11:00 with the visits to Matenadaran Museum, which houses a unique collection of ancient manuscripts covering such lofty topics as philosophy, law, mathematics, medicine and geography, and concluded by the Tour of the City. Followed by the visit to the Genocide Monument and Museum.

Overnight: Hotel in Yerevan.

Meals: B,L,D

Day 3

The climb to Geghama Mountains startsfrom the Village Sevaberd of Kotayk region. After crossing about 12km road, participants reach Lake Akna, where the first camp for overnight stay will be installed. Camp and other items will be transported by off-road vehicles.

Trek Distances: 12 km.
Starting Elevation: 2100m
Maximum altitude point :3030 m (aprox.)
Campsite altitude: 3030 m (aprox.)

Overnight: Tent
Meals: B,L,D

Day 4

Crossing about 8km length route from the Lake Akna, participants will overcome the highest pick of Geghama Mountains: Mount Azhdahak. Mt. Azhdahak has a beautiful crater, where the Lake Azhdahak of 8m depth is situated. The Lake is distinguished by astonishing purity of its water. From Azhdahak the route is continued to a nearby pond, where participants will spend an overnight stay. (As per wish of participants, it is possible to reach the pick of Mount Tar by 30 minutes long hike from Azhdahak and see Crater Lake of the Mount as well).

Trek Distances: 10 km.
Starting Elevation: 3030m (aprox.)
Maximum altitude point: 3597 m (aprox.)
Campsite altitude: 3100 m (aprox.)

Overnight: Tent
Meals: B,L,D

Day 5

The route will continue from Azhdahak to Vanki Lake, or “Vishap” Lake. The route is popular with thousands of 7000-8000 years old rock-carvings. Vanki Lake is known for its vishapakars, which are giant stones installed more than 6-7000 years ago.

The route continues to the Plateau located up from the Village Geghard, which has a magnificent view of surrounding mountains, Azat Gorge, Mount Ararat and etc. An overnight stay will be held in Geghard Plateau.

Trek Distances: 15 km.
Starting Elevation: 3100m (aprox.)
Maximum altitude point: 3100 m (aprox.)
Campsite altitude: 2200 m (aprox.)

Overnight: Tent
Meals: B,L,D

Day 6

From Geghard Plateau the route leads us to medieval Monastery of Havuts Tar located in the territory of Khosrov State Reserve. After tour there, participants will go down to the Gorge of Azat River, cross over medieval bridge and climb up toGarni Pagan Temple by enjoying stone-symphony shaped in the Gorge.

Pagan Temple dates back to the 1stcentury. After the tour, participants will be transported by vehicle to Geghard Monastery, which has its place in the famous seven of Armenian Architecture. The Monastery is popular by its structures dug out of the cliff rocks. An overnight stay will be held in Yerevan City.

Trek Distances: 10 km.
Starting Elevation: 2200m (aprox.)
Maximum altitude point: 2200 m (aprox.)
Campsite altitude: 1100 m (aprox.)

Overnight: Hotel in Yerevan
Meals: B,L,D

Day 7

Tour participants will reach Lake Sevan, one of the largest high-altitude lakes in the world. The lake is at an altitude of 1,950m above sea level. Sevan is famous for its different kinds of fish, particular for ishkhan, which means “princely fish.” Sevanavank Monastery (9th c.), located on a peninsula will be the next destination for the group to reach.

Lunch to be arranged during the tour.

Tour to Dilijan, Tavush region

Group of participants will visit Goshavank Monastery, which was founded by Mkhitar Gosh, the Armenian scientist, chronologist, fabulist and author of the first code of law. There are excellent examples of memorial khachkars (cross stones) on the site, the best of them being one carved by the master craftsman Poghos.

Overnight: Hotel in Yerevan
Meals: B,L,D

Day 8

Located 30 min outside of the city  and considered one of the holiest cities in Armenia. This former capital is now home to the Supreme Catholicos of the Armenian Apostolic Orthodox faith. The main Cathedral was founded by St.Gregory in 303 B.C and sits on a former pagan shrine. Visit of the church of Hripsime, dedicated to the martyred Christian virgin.

Exclude Lunch

After lunch participants will be transported to Kari Lake (3100m) by vehicle. Dinner and overnight in camp.

Campsite altitude: 3100 m (aprox.)

Overnight: Tent
Meals: B,D

Day 9

From Kari lake participantes will start hiking to the Southern peak of Aragats Mountain (3879m).

According to wish of participants and depending on weather conditions, it may be possible to climb up to Western Peak as well.

Trek Distances: 15 km. (in case of Southern Pick only)
Starting Elevation: 3100m
Maximum altitude point: 3879 m (aprox.)

Overnight: Hotel in Yerevan
Meals: B,L,D

Day 10

Transfer to the Airport, Departure

IMPORTANT: The above itinerary should be taken only as a general guide. While we will make every effort to adhere to it a variety of factors, including adverse weather conditions, political instability, or difficulties with transportation, can lead to enforced changes. When travelling to remote locations such as this, a flexible approach from all team members is necessary. If during your holiday the itinerary is effected by immediate or local circumstances, the leader will make any changes that are necessary.
There will be an experienced local professional English-speaking guide and one or more support vehicle drivers.
Trip participants need to bring their own personal clothing and equipment. Some items of equipment are available for hire from our local partners; please request information at the time of booking. We strongly recommend that you purchase your own personal equipment.

If you have any specific questions you would like answered please Contact Us and we will be pleased to help.

RESPONSIBLE TRAVEL: Tourism can be a real help to local communities, providing income, positive cultural exchanges and a financial incentive to protect their natural environment.
This tour makes every effort to support the local economy by staying in family-run hotels that source locally produced food. It is important to generate income for the local economies, which are predominantly agricultural. We visit small local cooperatives where possible that incentivize more agricultural production. Staying in guesthouses allows us to walk away from the tourist route and sample some real Armenian hospitality as well as providing an income for smaller communities.

What’s Included

* Guide services (up to 5 tourists 2 mountain guides)
* All land transport throughout the trip
* Airport – Hotel – Airport transfers
* Accommodation 9 night (hotels, tent)
* Service of tent’s, mattress, cook, kitchen…
* Meals
* Entrance fees to Khosrov national park and Garni


What’s Not Included

* Air ticket
* Travel insurance
* Armenia Visa
* Soft and alcoholic drinks with the main meals unless otherwise specified, souvenirs etc.


2*-3* hotels and tent
Additional Pricing Information

The deposit for this trip is: 200 USD per/person

Please note:

If you have special dietary requirements (e.g. Vegetarian), let us know so we can notify restaurants.

  1. DAY 1 10 days trekking holiday in Armenia

    • Arrival to Armenia

    • Biblical Mt. Ararat

    • Spectacular gorges

  2. DAY 2 10 days trekking holiday in Armenia

    • Yerevan a new and old city

    • Beautiful houses and buildings

    • Delicious Armenian food

  3. DAY 3 10 days trekking holiday in Armenia

    • Geghama Mountains

    • Village Sevaberd

    • Lake Akna

  4. DAY 4 10 days trekking holiday in Armenia

    • Mount Azhdahak(3597m.)

    • Crater Lake

    • Kotayk region

  5. DAY 5 10 days trekking holiday in Armenia

    • Vanki Lake

    • Gorge of Azat river

    • Dragon stones

  6. DAY 6 10 days trekking holiday in Armenia

    • Havuts Tar Monastery

    • Geghard Plateau

    • Garni tample

  7. DAY 7 10 days trekking holiday in Armenia

    • Lake Sevan

    • Dilijan town

    • Goshavank Monastery

  8. DAY 8 10 days trekking holiday in Armenia

    • Echmiadzin

    • Amberd Fortress

    • Kari Lake (3100m)

  9. DAY 9 10 days trekking holiday in Armenia

    • Aragats Mountain

    • The Southern peak(3879m.)

    • Byurakan

  10. Day 10 Transfer to the Airport, Departure

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